Ep 81 – Character Agency

Are your characters failing to make decisions? Is your plot telling everyone how it’s going to be? Are your climaxes failing to have impact? If you answered yes to any of these, maybe it’s time to double check the agency in your story.
Character agency is a fundamental many writers forget to include in their stories. Learn about what it is and how to use it in this episode.

Ep 59 – Suspend Your Disbelief

Suspend your disbelief this week with Ocean, Yanarra, and Tarl! We disccuss how far you can walk that suspension bridge of disbelief and what will cause it to collapse. Listen as the crew relays Roland’s well thought out notes and be dismayed by his lack of counter-arguments!

Original Air Date: January 31, 2016

Ep 54 – The Last Writing 101 Panel You’ll Ever Need

We round up as many generic questions you’d find at a Writing 101 panel and try to answer them all. Did we get all the questions? Probably not, but hopefully these don’t need to be asked anymore because they’ve already been answered here! Think of it like a big Writing FAQs section.

Original Air Date: November 23, 2015

Ep 30 – Big Bad Guy

The group starts off with a quick discussion about defaults when writing and reading before going into the main topic: Antagonists. What makes us love villains so much? What can you do to make a protagonist more interesting when your bad guy is so cool? Who knew the FnF crew had such huge disagreements about bounty hunters?

Original Air Date: September 24, 2014

Ep 28 – Writing What You Know

This week the group discusses the differences between writing what you know and writing what you don’t know. Why is it suggested you should write what you know, what strengths does it have? But when should you break away and write things you don’t know?

Original Air Date: August 23, 2014