Ep 31 – Networking at RF

The Fangs and Fonts crew went to RainFurrest 2014 and recorded a panel on networking. How to connect with writers and publishers, what can networking do for you, and other discussions about the community.  Afterwards we pull the attendees up close for a short open discussion.

Original Air Date: October 5, 2014

Ep 30 – Big Bad Guy

The group starts off with a quick discussion about defaults when writing and reading before going into the main topic: Antagonists. What makes us love villains so much? What can you do to make a protagonist more interesting when your bad guy is so cool? Who knew the FnF crew had such huge disagreements about bounty hunters?

Original Air Date: September 24, 2014

Ep 28 – Writing What You Know

This week the group discusses the differences between writing what you know and writing what you don’t know. Why is it suggested you should write what you know, what strengths does it have? But when should you break away and write things you don’t know?

Original Air Date: August 23, 2014

Ep 27 – Young Adult with Jess Owen

Part 2 of our trip to Montana, we continue our discussion with author Jess E Owen. This time we discuss the topic of Young Adult fiction, what we like about it, why isn’t there more of it in the fandom, and main elements of the genre.

Find Jess at: @JE_Owen
Jess on Amazon

Original Air Date: August 10, 2014

Ep 26 – Self Pub with Jess Owen

We drive down to Montana to visit Jess E. Owen, author of the Summer King Chronicles, to talk about her experience with self publishing.

Find Jess at: @JE_Owen
Jess on Amazon

Anyone considering self publishing can check out Jess’s editor, Joshua Essoe, at: joshuaessoe.com

Original Air Date: July 27, 2014

Ep 25 – Are you Tech or Magic?

Are you a tech or a magic? Or should we ask do you prefer using technology or magic as a world mechanic? We discuss the differences of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, how they mirror each other and what you can do when you combine them together. Afterwards we answer some letters that have been piling up.

Original Air Date: July 13, 2014

Ep 24 – SWS – Fuzz Buck Comic Sans

This episode is a result of Roland’s trip to Dallas, TX! Featuring Fuzzwolf, Buck Turner, and yours truly, we talk about some of the behind the scenes about editing and publishing books, running dealer’s tables and more!

Topics include:
– Editing
– Publishing and Self-Publishing

Follow Fuzzwolf: @Fuzzwolf

Follow Buck Tuner: @EditorBuck

Original Air Date: July 2, 2104

Ep 22 – Fur-Eh 2014 Panels

The Fangs and Fonts crew held four writing panels at Fur-Eh 2014. We recorded them all so that everyone can listen to them. Please note the second panel is NSFW since it discusses erotica. Also apologies that the questions were not repeated and so it may be hard to hear what was asked

The panels and the time stamps at which you’ll find them in the recording:

Why Write Furry – 0:01:20
NFSW – Writing Furry Erotica – 1:00:30
Writing For Beginners – 1:47:50
Writer Traps – 2:29:15

Original Air Date: June 2, 2014