Ep 76 – Post-RAWR

Ever wondered if you should attend a writing retreat? What happens there? What will I achieve by attending? Welcome to a part two of where we try to answer those questions and more!

Ocean flew off to RAWR 2017 and recorded two podcasts while there. It’s now the last night before everyone heads home. The retreat is almost over. The frantic writing, critiquing and comradery is coming to an end, so Ocean sits down to discuss the amazing experience with the other attendees: Buni, NightEyes, Ryft, Otter and TJ. They talk about what it was like, what they learned, and what this retreat did for them.

Currently applications are open for RAWR 2017
If you are interested in RAWR, find out more and apply at: http://www.rawr.community/
Or follow them on twitter at: @RAWRWorkshop

Find the other attendees at: